Unit 7

This unit covers the topic of Web and Interactivity. Web planning is a very long process, or rather there are a lot of steps to complete web planning. When planning a website, is it very important that a structured plan is in place. The first step to planning is review that happens between the client and designer. From the first step there is research involved, layout designs, wire frames, mock ups, coding, launching and much more. Then there is project structure, which can be in the form of blogs, brochures, news and community. It is for the designer to listen to what the client wants and then decide what they really need. Another part it is imperative for the designer is to be able to use the tools necessary for web design. Web design requires knowledge of adobe illustrator, fireworks, and photoshop. Along with HTML, CSS and Java script. Of course, before all of this can be done designer and client need to have consultation to go over budget, goals and time to complete the project. Like most design things, type and grid structure are necessary tools to complete well done web design, as well as having the proper basic building blocks of  a web page. The first thinking point of building a website is thinking about the traditional “laptop view” and then going from there. The next step would be banner and ad designs. After thinking about Webster, in the world of changing technology, one must begin to think about how that website will play in building an app for mobile phones. Something new brought to my attention is content management systems. CMS is nice because it allows the user to update their sites without having to adjust programming codes. WordPress is one of the most popular CMS platforms.

In researching Web and interactivity I came across an article that also discusses the importance of this matter. Web sites should be designed in a way that the user is attracted to it, I can speak from experience in that when a website is designed poorly my heart breaks a little. A good website needs to be engaging and easy to navigate. The trick to get web design is simple, “lies in the subtle use of web interactions to attract users and cause them to engage on a page”. These small interactions complete the experience of the user and should make them feel comfortable accessing the site. If the information is displayed in a creative manner that is woven into the website as a whole, the user will want to return. This article talks about radio buttons and hyperlinks being the things that can make or break user activity. The first step to attracting users is to think about the subject of the website itself, and deciding what things would be appropriate for use such as a 3D flip book to showcase products. Listed in this article are many different examples of websites that displays creative hyperlinks that interact the users. Roth Aniko is an example, this artist’s portfolio website is filled with things that hold the interest of the user. This site has illustrations that literally come to life. The setting of the main image is Paris, with two girls talking to each other and having lunch accompanied with the sounds of people talking. I am very drawn to this site because of the use of image and animation. When clicking on the work, that image goes in and out through a series of dots. It is websites, such as this, that prove to be successful, for not only are they designed well but they also function. (outside article: http://www.hongkiat.com/blog/importance-of-web-interactivity-tips-and-examples/)

Screen Shot 2016-05-14 at 9.36.31 PM.png


This is a still of Roth Aniko’s website. The two women actually move, along with the lady and her dog. It is a portfolio website, but done so well that at first glimpse, it is purely pleasing to the eye and the thought of other work is the second thought.



This image is an example of wire frames. Wire frames are one of the steps of building a website. This is the beginning steps of a mock up before a real mockup is put in place.



The url speaks for the image. All websites need a banner to have in place for the website itself and for advertising the site.

Screen Shot 2016-05-14 at 9.56.16 PM

As I mentioned above, one of the first things to think about in designing a website this the “laptop view”. This is an example, that was done by my team at branded 2016.





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