Conference: Blend


Blend is a two-day conference, in Canada, that is hosted by Wine After Coffee. Wine after Coffee is a video channel that aims to inspire makers. Wine after Coffee decided that they wanted to create a festival centered on motion and animation for the design community. Their first time around was during October of 2015 and their next conference will take place May of 2017.

The name Blend derives from the idea of collaboration and how essential that is in the design and motion graphics world. Purposely, Wine after Coffee wanted to blend the different types of designers to make new and wonderful things. The fundamental goal of this conference is to create new partnerships in an intimate and inviting environment.

Blend caught my attention because of its minimal advertising and website design. With that being said, they do not have much publicity other than their website, which, along with the design, has minimal information.

This convention is distinctive from other design conferences because it not only is fresh, but it also emphasizes the idea of going to a stimulating event rather than overwhelming the idea of a repetitive conference. They state, “Blend is a conference-style party in Vancouver for our motion, design and animation family.”

The statement “conference-style party” strips the conference of formality, presenting a lighthearted invitation. It is a conference specifically designed to give off the dynamic yet welcoming coffee shop essence.

The conference itself, in October of 2015, had the appeal of brilliant motion and animation designers in attendance, all partaking in different concentrations. Wine after Coffee had an incredible array of speakers. There were designers ranging from motion in conjunction with the documentaries all the way to animation designers from Sony Picture Imageworks. Furthermore, there were interactive electronics throughout the space. Speakers would then demonstrate what software they would use to create.

Blend is new, thus requires improvement. They greatly need to expand their brand and advertisement when it comes to this conference. They need to work on the details in their work shops/speakers that were featured. Nonetheless, I love the design so much so, that maybe I will attend the next Blend conference.


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