Art 4205: TED Talk

Logo and flag design require strong design principles; as flags represent the brand of a city, state or nation and logos represent the brand of businesses and organizations.

Flags and Logos have similar guidelines. Flags should be simple and meaningful, incorporating a strict color palette without lettering, creating distinction; all of which can be applied to logos. An element of flags and logos, that Roman Mars enforced, is the necessity of legibility at any size. For both of these items, simplicity is essential for legibility.

After watching the TED talk by Roman Mars, I was interested to see if the Internet had guidelines for logo design. There were numerous blogs that spoke on logo design guidelines. I primarily looked at a blog on Web Designer Depot: 12 essential rules to follow when designing a logo. While it was very repetitive, it really stressed the importance of beginning the process with paper and pencil. While it seems annoying to hand draw forty different logo sketches, I appreciate its enforcement. As a millennial, I see the importance of closing our electronics for a bit. Also, looking at all of those atrocious flags encouraged me with my personal sketches, as so many city flags and business have designs that scream amateur. This concluded the notion that proper design principles matter, even though we do not always follow them.

When designing a logo, a designer must picture where that logo will end up. Logos need to be able to translate onto apparel, websites, letterheads, bags, off-supplies, etc. This video reminds me that I need to continually visualize how my logo will look on the products for my conference. I want to create bags and tags that represent my conference brand. I could even make a small flag for my conference.

Mars presented a majority of old lessons, such as keeping the design simple and only utilizing a few colors. As far as flag design, he stressed that lettering is not acceptable on flag designs. This is not always the case in logo design; however, one should keep in mind that the logo should be recognizable without words. He also stressed the importance of size. Flags should be drawn at a one by half and inch rectangle. Mars said that is about the size a flag would be from one hundred feet away one a pole. This reaffirms his point that flags and logos need to be recognizable at a distance.


(screen shot from Roman Mars talk).


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